Partnership Provides Books For Under-Served Camp Participants

DSC_0484Through a partnership with Friends of the Portsmouth Public Library (FPPL), Global Youth Action (GYA) was able to provide over 250 books for Solid Foundations in June 2015.

Solid Foundations is a camp provided through Camp Rudolph in Yale, Virginia which makes camp available to under-served youth in Virginia and North Carolina through scholarships.

This year the Deans of the camp, Josh and Sarah Curry, created a literacy focus for the camp. Books were read in the morning that coincided with each day’s theme. At lunch, using the books and resources provided by FPPL, GYA opened a ‘library,’ or more appropriately, a little free book store. Campers were allowed to pick a new book each day, return it if they didn’t like it or finished it and keep any books they wanted at the end of the week. The average was 4 books per camper that were taken home.

Thank you to FPPL and the Currys for allowing GYA to bring reading to the children and teens at Solid Foundations 2015.