Executive Director Helps With Fund-Razor

Shae Shaved HeadWhile GYA’s Executive Director was at camp sharing the book love with all the campers, she had the opportunity to promote global giving.

Each year Camp Rudolph chooses a different cause to fund raise for during camp. Last year it was Habitat for Humanity; this year it was families in Nepal affected by the earthquake in April 2015. Charlie Stephenson, the Camp Director, landed in Nepal just 30 minutes before the earthquake struck. As a result, he had the opportunity to see the need – and possible ways to give – personally.

Most students that come to Camp Rudolph bring an offering. However, Solid Foundations is not a traditional week of camp. It’s an outreach for children and teens (mostly) from disadvantaged backgrounds to have a week of camp they may never otherwise get to experience. Therefore there aren’t many funds available for donation – most of the campers are there through generous donations themselves.

But no one should miss out on the opportunity to give.

So campers were offered the chance to swap a canteen item for a donation. Drink water instead of buying a soda and that dollar will go towards the fundraiser.

This year the goal was set at $550 to help provide meals that will be packed later in the summer to send to Nepal. The staff then offered incentives to create some excitement around reaching fundraising targets:

  •  $50 – Waterballoon 3 members of camp staff
  • $100 – Pies to the face of a member of camp staff
  • $150 – Mr. Josh, the Camp Dean, will shave his legs
  • $175 – Mr. Rob will shave his legs AND get a pie to the face in his beard and nose ring
  • $250 – Mr. Dave will shave his head
  • $550 – Ms. Shae will shave her head

Leader FundraisersThere was a lot of complaining, particularly from the girls, about shaving Ms. Shae’s (purple and blue) hair. She had the opportunity each day to do a little teaching about why giving was important. Hair comes back. People who are hungry don’t. So while a lot of fun was had, a lot of good thinking and giving was done.

In the end the 49 campers raised (with the help of a $250 matched donation when they reached $250 themselves) a total of $691. That’s $441 just from the campers’ donations and canteen sacrifices!

It was a really exciting way to end camp – knowing the campers had a great week and that they were able to help others, even with the little they had to give. GYA’s leadership is proud to have been a part of changing hearts here in the US and changing lives in Nepal.