GYA Unveils New Pilot Program For Youth Job Skills

GYA Works Junior AchievementGYA Works is the new employment skills program for youth being developed through a pilot program in Portsmouth, Virginia. The current pilot is focused on housekeeping skills. The ‘GYA Works in Housekeeping‘ team is cleaning rental properties for a local business owner.

GYA Works program staff connect youth to clients for services. Youth are paid a wage in accordance with Department of Labor standards. In addition to the skills required for their role, they are taught other skills such as appropriate work attire and caring for a uniform, health and safety, team work, sense of urgency, attention to detail and much more.

In addition to the workplace mentoring that participants are receiving on the job, youth are also learning soft career and personal finance skills through a partnership with Junior Achievement of Hampton Roads. Local professionals are coming to the sessions to share about their careers, what it took to get there and to answer any questions the youth may have about employment. Bunch Real Estate, Inc. is providing the use of their offices for this portion of the program.

Youth are also being provided support for transportation, identification cards and bank accounts as needed. Each Spring, alumni will be invited back to celebrate their achievements and get support filing their taxes.

If you would like to know more about GYA Works, please contact us.

GYA Works in Housekeeping 1