Future GYA Youth Fundraise For Present Programs

Lemonade 11In her previous role, the GYA Executive Director had the opportunity to work with children and youth ages 3-13. A few of the young ladies previously taught by ‘Ms. Shae’ offered to have a lemonade stand to support GYA’s projects. It was also a part of having a new experience – a lemonade stand – which none of them had done before. GYA is all about new experiences.

Cailey, Maddie and Ava worked with their moms to create a fantastic stand along the seawall near downtown Portsmouth. The girls planned their stand location and time well for after-work walkers and drivers to stop for a cool drink on a hot summer evening.

In total the girls raised $84.75 in 1.5 hours. We can’t thank them enough and hope to put their funds to good use so that the programs we start today are ready to serve them tomorrow – because it will seem just that fast when these little girls are ready to join in changing the future¬†through GYA.

Lemonade 1lemonade 2