About GYA

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Global Youth Action, Inc. (GYA) was born from a dream that started 25 years ago.

‘But the founders look so young’ you say? The idea of GYA has been in the heart of Executive Director Shae Pepper, since she was 8 years old. A program for young people to have global experiences.

The dream has grown over the years to include more elements to help achieve its goals of reaching teens right where they are, in a way that speaks to them so that the effects can be real and lasting.

The dream of GYA has grown to include:

  • International Programs
  • Community and Youth Cafes
  • Job Skills Training and Employment Opportunities
  • US-Based and International Service and Educational Trips

The plans for GYA began to come together more fully while Shae and Stephen lived in England. Shae was undertaking her Masters in Youth Work and Community Development at DeMontfort University and took a Global Issues in Youth Work module. Through the course and subsequent projects and activities, GYA’s current vision and mission became more than just a dream – they became a plan. Stephen and Shae have been working tirelessly to move the organization forward.

It has still taken several years to get to where GYA is now: a non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS in the United States. The dream is still taking shape as the Founders, Directors and Partners move towards opening the first of many GYA Core locations.