GYA Works

GYA Works 1The youth unemployment rate in the US as of July 2015 is currently at 11.7% which is 120% higher than the adult unemployment rate in July 2015 which is currently 5.3%.  With so many adults needing work youth, between the ages of 16-24, can be pushed out of the job market particularly when you’re considering years of work experience verses a first job for many young people.  Without first time jobs as readily accessible, there is a clearly a need for job skills training for youth as well as an opportunity to have paid employment not just volunteer hours.

GYA Works is a 90-day program which is a unique combination of paid work experience and job skills training for youth ages 14-18.  The pilot project of GYA Works ‘in Housekeeping’ has  provided teens the opportunity for on the job training through paid work as well as job and personal finance skills development in a supportive classroom setting.

Using Junior Achievement curriculum in Career Success and Personal Finance the participants learn the soft skills required for employment as well as sound financial decision making skills for their future.  Additionally, professionals from the local area come in and speak to the participants about job etiquette, attire and education.  One guest speaker helped the youth with mindfulness activities that helped them understand that their thoughts manifest their futures.

GYA Works 2GYA Works prepares teens for all aspects of the work environment from resume and interview skills to on the job, real life examples of attention to detail, taking direction and feedback and much more.  Included in their preparation is ensuring they have their State Identification and other important documents, how to complete a W-4 for withholding and helping them open a bank account.  Finally, participants are provided with certificates of completion and job references to launch them successfully into the job market.


For more information about GYA Works and the services it provides or to connect with youth who have completed GYA Works training please contact us.

Please note:  GYA Works pilot program is under review from September to December 2015 to ensure a successful project launch in early 2016.