Josh Curry

11816992_10153567542564740_4928349116354593484_nWhat exactly is your job?

Officially, I’m the Community Advocate… but nobody knows what that means. To put it simply, I serve  as someone who connects the teens of Portsmouth the their schools, community organizations, teen programming, adults who (would otherwise ignore them), other teens with similar interests, good stuff that the City has to offer for teens.  You know- generally doing my best to get them involved in making their better and best choices.

That being said- I have the awesome job of hanging out.  I get to be the ears and voice that teens feel like they don’t have- and strive to be a voice of reason for the parents, teachers and other adults in their lives.

Why do you do what you do?

I feel like no one wants to or has found a way to connect with teens on this level- to be their voice. I do it because I feel like someone needs to. I love seeing the light bulb going off in a young persons head and they can see further than the next lunch period, their next math class, they can see themselves graduating, making a difference, changing their lives…

To restore hope.

What is your experience?

I’ve worked with youth through various organizations and non-profits for the past seven years in both paid and volunteer positions. I have worked with teens in Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia and Chicago. In Chicago, I served as a youth counselor at Riverwoods Camp (through Fox River Christian Action). And here in Virginia, I’ve led a session of camp at Camp Rudolph for children ages 6-12 for the last three years and piloted a Teen Camp this past summer.

Who do you work with?

Any teen who feels like they don’t have a voice and any teen that wants to connect with what’s going on in their city. I try to focus on young people who aren’t plugged in anywhere already to try help them succeed.

What are your qualifications?

Bachelors in Youth and Family Ministry from Mid-Atlantic Christian University

What is your favorite…?

Meal: Huevos Rancheros

Book: The Harry Potter Series… I also love the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques. I love the historian Joseph Ellis who has a great biography about George Washington called His Excellency.  I just love to read.

Movie: The Incredibles and A Christmas Story

Color: Green

Animal: The Platypus and the Black-Footed Ferret

Ice cream: Chocolate. I love chocolate ice cream.

Job (other than youth worker): Be a High School Marching Band Director or an Exotic Animal Wrangler at the Zoo

Youth Work Memory: Two years ago we gave away backpacks at camp and then when I was subbing at a local school this past year a little girl ran up to me and said ‘Mr. Curry – look what I have!’ and pulled her camp backpack out of her school backpack.